Wednesday, 25 August 2010

what to do..?

a great designer, inkblot who has a shop on has been drawing up some designs for us - bless her though as we keep changing our minds! We had a retro design in our thoughts until we had the photoshoot and now, we are wondering whether to use the photos from there for our flyers instead? Flyer is the bottom design of these two. Inkblot has also designed us a backdrop for our website (top pic) but is it retro enough or too retro? Decisions, decisions, with the fabulous photos taken by retromotoring and jsm graphics the other week we just have TOO much choice. opinions on these designs please!? We just can't choose.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

the website is now updated with some new photos though it would be great to find a website designer who wants to help us out a bit - we are so busy building and sourcing retro parts that it takes all our time - we are getting so much interest from people so thanks to everyone for that - and to our French following since our time at the hotrod supernationals. A petit diddyvan is going to be going overseas soon.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

we had a brilliant time last week with some great photographers and a lovely 50's model, Sparky. We stayed at Breck Farm in Norfolk and then wandered along to Cromer and Wells. Everywhere we go the little diddyvan attracts an admiring crowd - we parked up at Wells beach car park to take the dogs to the beach. We left some business cards on the diddyvan and they had all gone when we came back to another group of people admiring it with big grins on their faces, saying - "0000 its SOOO cute". We must update the website with the new pics soon - if we ever get the time.