Friday, 22 July 2011

oh dear

I want to put these tiles in the caravan.

I have gone a bit flamingo-ey with the caravan - putting real vintage flamingo paper in the cupboard and a Cole and Son print on the door.

I don't seem to have posted on here for ages. It has been busy though - with a diddyvan with a specially customised roofrack (see above) making it's way to Guernsey, Another one has gone to Whitstable to become a holiday hire. I hope it will enjoy the oyster festival. It leaves us with one little Woody trailer to sell whilst Nige gets on with making lots more Diddyvans - although first he is completing our 60's Sprite400 caravan - it has been restored back to it's regular seating pattern - the bench seats had gone, replaced by a bed which meant it really wasn't as versatile. New bright red lino has been fitted and I will be getting busy with cushions shortly. Can't wait to get it back all done.