Monday, 28 March 2011

It's official!

We took Chi-chi our chihuahua to the vets today for a scan. Since her dalliance with a little long haired chihuahua friend, that we set up for her on Valentine's Day, she has been getting bigger and today, the vet confirmed that there were at least three little pups in there. We are now getting very excited. Chi-chi is demanding to be carried everywhere now and lets out a little sigh when you pick her up as if to say "Be careful, i am delicate you know".
I have posted a pic of her as a puppy (she is two now) so you can get an idea of what we have to look forward to.

We spent the rest of the day working on our garden - the ponds are now shaping up nicely and full of frogs and newts - i am battling to keep them as wildlife ponds whilst Nige keeps eyeing up koi carp in every garden centre we visit.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

vintage style in stamford, lincolnshire

We are so bored of shopping in Peterborough - a copy and paste centre with some of the good shops sadly "unpasted" - we often wander to Cambridge for a better variety of shop and a trip to Jamie's Italian, but today it was late afternoon so we decided to go to Stamford instead.
Not having paid a visit there for a while i was surprised by two great little vintage shops,

The missing curtain is a treasure trove of goodies - all the things i love, kitsch ornaments and retro fabrics, baskets and toys.
My daughter and i couldn't resist a star wars atat toy - measuring two foot high and larger than my dog. Then of course we had to lug it around town - not helped by the fact that i had already bought a large picture in a charity shop by then. I always seem to pick the largest things to carry - i did it in a charity shop in Knightsbridge once and was stuck carrying a large picture frame round all day, but i couldn't leave it as i had been looking for ages for the right one and that one was "it".
Anyway we shall pay the missing curtain another visit no doubt, not least because i really would like the kitsch poodles in there.
That Indie Look was another little gem - full to the brim of vintage clothing, shoes and bags. I only wish i was a few pounds lighter (the subsequent visit to Pizza Express did nothing to help there) - both my daughter and i are committed vegetarians but even we were half tempted by the fur coats but decided against it - though they might have come in handy as the weather had turned cold all of a sudden.
A nice little trip out combined with charity shopping and to be recommended.